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Prerequisites to create a Whatsapp Business API
Prerequisites to create a Whatsapp Business API
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You need to have the following things before starting the WhatsApp Business API creation process.

Valid Email Address

When signing up, the first page creates a 360dialog Client Hub account. It's important to use a valid email address that is not a free email domain. Also, make sure that this email address is not already registered under any other 360dialog Hub accounts (either partner or client).

Phone Number

To use the WhatsApp Business API, you will need a valid phone number. The number should be capable of receiving international phone calls or SMS during the registration process, and it must be owned by the client. Please note that we do not provide or lease phone numbers.

Meta Business Manager Account with Complete Business Info

You can either use an existing Meta Business Manager Account or create a new one during the signup process. To have an active account, it is important to add all the required information in the Business Info section of Business Manager Settings. This includes providing a legal name, address, website, and business phone number.

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