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Navigating through Grow List
Navigating through Grow List
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Grow List

Grow List consists of multiple tools that help you grow your subscriber count.

Signup Form

Create customizable forms that drive results. You can collect SMS as well email consent.


Keywords track opt-ins and revenue generated from different marketing channels or campaigns.

Back in Stock

When products on your site go out of stock, shoppers will see a link or banner to sign up for SMS notifications when the item goes back in stock.

Landing page and opt-in form

Create a landing page with an SMS opt-in form that you can link to from email campaigns or social media posts.

Convert your email list

Convert your email subscribers to mobile subscribers with opt-in CTAs.

Share your opt-in link (i.e., Instagram Stories)

Get your opt-in short link to share on social media and other channels.

QR Codes

Create unique QR codes for your product packaging and in-person experiences that people can scan to opt-in to your SMS list.

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