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Navigating the Messaging section
Navigating the Messaging section
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Messaging has multiple tools. It's the way of sending and receiving messages between you and users.

The following are the terms you will find in this section.


A set of marketing activities aimed at promoting your product through SMS, Whatsapp and email campaign.


The different communication channels used to interact with users, such as SMS, Whatsapp.


A set of predefined actions that can be triggered automatically based on certain conditions, such as user behavior, time, or data.

Automation Triggers

Automation triggers in SMS marketing are pre-set conditions that, when met, initiate the automation process. Whenever you're creating a new automation, you need to choose a trigger to initiate the automation for the subscribers. The automation trigger is used to initiate the automation.

For example, under Automation Triggers, you can start automation when Checkout started. So, the automation trigger will only start whenever customers start their checkout.

Abandoned Cart

A feature that tracks users who add products to their cart but do not complete the purchase, allowing you to follow up with these users to encourage them to complete the purchase through personalized campaigns and offers.

Browse Abandonment

A feature that tracks users who browsed your e-commerce website but did not take any action. It allows you to follow up through campaigns and offers, motivating the user to engage further.


Click-through rate measures the number of clicks on a link or CTA button compared to the number of impressions or views.


The act of a user completing a desired action, such as making a purchase, filling out a form, or subscribing to a service.


The number of users who have opted out of receiving future communications from you.


The process of duplicating an existing campaign, automation to use as a starting point.


Earnings per message measure the revenue generated per message.


A subset of users grouped based on specific criteria, such as demographics, behavior, or preferences.

Segment Criteria

The specific criteria define a user segment, such as average order value.

Segment Size

The number of users in a particular segment.


Pre-designed layouts or designs that can be customized for specific whatsapp marketing campaigns.

Whatsapp approves all templates.

Element Name

The unique name given to a specific template.

Header Text

The text displayed in the header of a template.

Footer Text

The text displayed in the footer of a template.

Body Text

The main text displayed in a template.

Short Code

Codes that will be automatically replaced with the corresponding details from your database every time the message is sent once you have set the template up correctly i.e. shop_name will be replaced by your shop name.

CTA Button

The call-to-action button prompts users to take a specific action, such as purchasing or subscribing to your campaign list.

Message Type

The type of message sent to users, such as a marketing message, transactional message, or OTP.

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