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Navigating your Recovero Overview dasboard
Navigating your Recovero Overview dasboard
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The Overview page gives a bird's eye view of everything happening on Recovero, including revenue by source. You can track critical analytics data such as Unsubscribers, Click-through rates, Conversions, and EPM (Earned per message). You can also view, edit, clone, or delete them directly from the Overview.

Total Revenue

The sum of all revenue earned from different sources (e.g., Signup Forms, Back in stock, campaign).

Total Subscriber

The number of unique users who have opt-in to your marketing list.

Responses Received

The number of user responses through various channels (e.g., SMS, WhatsApp, Email).

Signup Forms

Web forms that are used to collect user information and consent.


A set of predefined actions that can be triggered automatically based on certain conditions, such as user behavior, time, or data.


A set of marketing activities aimed at promoting your product may include SMS, WhatsApp, and Email campaigns.


Specific words or phrases that are used to target specific users or trigger certain actions, such as a chatbot response.

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