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Create a Signup Form
Create a Signup Form
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Signup form should be quick and easy to complete, with a minimal number of fields. Avoid asking for too much information upfront, as this can be a barrier to entry for visitors. Consider offering an incentive, such as a discount code or access to exclusive content, to encourage visitors to sign up. This can help boost your conversion rates and provide added value to your subscribers.

Step 1. Name your signup form

The signup forms page allows you to create and manage signup forms.

  1. Log in to your Recovero account.

  2. On the Side navigation, click Grow List.

  3. Select Signup Form.

  4. Click on Create Signup Forms.

  5. Select a Template.

  6. Write your Signup Form name in the Name field.

  7. Write your Signup Form description in the Description field.

Step 2. Setup device and message channel

  1. Select Desktop & Mobile.

  2. Select Whatsapp as messaging channel.

  3. Click on Next.

  4. Select Message.

  5. Click on Add a Template.

  6. Click on Category.

  7. Select Signup form.

  8. Select a Template.


You need to have templates built for the signup form first. Go to Template and create a template for signup forms.

Step 3. Setup styling

  1. On the Create page, select Styles.

  2. Select Text Fields.

  3. Write heading text in the Form Heading Text field.

Step 4. Setup targeting and behavior

  1. On the Create page, select Targeting & Behavior.

  2. Select Display Timing.

  3. Click on Loading Delay.

  4. Set the Show 60 seconds after page load to 5 seconds.

  5. Select Targeting.

  6. Select Show to visitors in certain locations.

  7. Select your Region.

Step 4. Save & publish

  1. Click on Save or Publish.

  2. Select Publish and Schedule.

  3. Select Publish & Live.

  4. Click on Continue.

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