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What is Automation?
What is Automation?
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Automation is a sequence of automated actions, which can include SMS and Whatsapp messages, that is triggered when a person performs a specific action — such as when someone joins a list, is added to a segment, makes a purchase or abandons their cart. Any data syncing to your Recovero account can be used to trigger and target automated flows.


When you first set up your Recovero account, there are some impactful automation you will likely want to create and set live first in order to welcome subscribers to your brand and communicate with customers about their transactions.

Suggested automation to create first

The most impactful automation are also the ones you should set live first. In order, they are:

  1. Customer Welcome series: This automation fires after a subscriber is created from our popup, back in stock or keyword. It welcomes them to your shop and sends them a coupon to incentivize a purchase.

  2. Abandoned cart: After the customer abandons their cart, we fire this automation to encourage them to place an order. There's a 10% coupon added but you can easily change or remove it if needed! The message won't go out if the customer completes their purchase.

  3. Browser abandonment: This automation is triggered when a customer views your products but doesn't complete their purchase, an automated reminder will be sent encouraging them to return.

  4. Shipping confirmation: The automation triggers when an order is placed in transit, ensuring that your customers never miss a beat!

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