Create Campaign
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Let's create a campaign for Summer sale! where new customers are targeted.

You need to create a segment first to create a campaign. Learn how to create a segment here.

Step 1. Name your campaign

The campaign page allows you to create and manage campaigns.

  1. Log in to your Recovero account.

  2. On the Side navigation, click Messaging.

  3. Select Campaigns.

  4. Click on Create Campaign.

  5. Write your Campaign name in the My-campaign name field.

  6. Write Campaign Description.

  7. Click Continue.

Step 2. Select message channel & segment

  1. Select Message Channel.

  2. Select Segment.

  3. Click Continue.

Step 3. Select a template

  1. Select a pre-built template.

  2. Click Continue.

You need an approved template to create a campaign.

Step 4. Send campaign

You can send a campaign instantly or schedule it for later.

  1. Review the final setup.

  2. Click on Schedule campaign.

  3. Select send it now.

  4. Click Save.

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