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Create a segment
Create a segment
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Let's create a segment of customers who have subscribed in the month of April.

Create a Segment

The segment page allows you to create and manage segments.

  1. Log in to your Recovero account.

  2. On the Side navigation, click Messaging.

  3. Select Segments.

  4. Click on Create Segment.

  5. Write your segment name in the My-segment name field.

  6. Select Segment Criteria.

  7. Add preferred conditions.

  8. Click on Save Segment.

Best Practices for Segment Creation

Here are some best practices to keep in mind when creating segments:

  • Define your segment criteria before creating the segment.

  • Use multiple criteria to create more targeted segments.

  • Personalize your messages to the specific group of customers within the segment.

  • Provide value to your customers in your messages and campaigns.

  • Monitor and analyze segment performance regularly to optimize your campaigns over time.

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