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What is Segment?
What is Segment?
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Segments are used to create target customers based on shared data. When you create a segment, you'll set conditions to filter subscribers based on the information that's available in your account. A segment can include multiple conditions. Depending on the segment's logic of AND/OR, only 1 or all conditions must be met.






This logic tells our system to show you subscribers who meet all of your conditions.

All customers who opened your last campaign and made a purchase in your store.


This logic tells our system to show you subscribers who meet 1 or more of your conditions.

Any customers from either Washington or Newport.

Segment Options

Recovero offers a lot of segmenting options, so you can make the most out of your customers. With the right kind of data, you can create hyper-targeted segments of your contacts for email or ad campaigns. Segmenting options will vary based on the data you've collected.

Here are some examples of segments you can create.

  • Subscribed customers who clicked on campaigns.

  • Customers with an average order value of 200$.

  • Customer with last order date 12-05-2023.

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