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Key Terminologies (Integrations)
Key Terminologies (Integrations)

A organized list of the common terms you'll come across in your integration process.

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What is an API Key?

Think of API Keys like your library card -- a way to identify you. You would need your library card in order to borrow books at the library (in this case, the API). The library needs your card to track what books you’ve borrowed (who has permission to access the API).

You’ll need this when you want to integrate your Recovero account into applications.

Public vs. Private API Key

Public API Keys

Public API Keys are used when you’re accessing your account via JavaScript. Public keys are safe to share and be exposed.

Private API Keys

Private API Keys are only used when you want to grant access and edit sensitive data on your Recovero account. Treat Private API Keys like your password! Secure it in safe place only you know.

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