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Shopify Integration

A step-by-step guide to connect your Shopify store with Recovero.

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To connect your Shopify store, you must manually enter your store's API credentials in the Recovero dashboard.

Step 1. Create Custom Application

You have to create a custom shopify app to get the required API credentials. Make sure you already have a shopify account ready.


APIs are a way for different software programs to communicate and share information.

  1. Log in to your Shopify Admin Panel.

  2. On the Side Navigation, click on Apps.

  3. Select Apps and sales channels settings from the dropdown.

  4. On the Apps and sales channels page, click on Develop apps.

  5. On the App development page, click on Create an app.

  6. Write Recovero in the App name field on the Create an app form.

  7. Select App developer from the dropdown.

  8. Click on Create app.

Step 2. Configure Admin API Scopes

Admin API Scopes allows Recovero to interact with your Shopify store's data and functionality. Each Admin API Scope corresponds to a specific permission or set of permissions Recovero app can request from your store. For example, the "read_orders" scope allows Recovero to access a store's order data.

  1. On the App page, click on Configure Admin API Scopes in the Overview section.

  2. Filter the following scopes, click on the check box to give access.

  • Write_orders

  • Read_orders

  • Write_draft_orders

  • Read_draft_orders

  • Write_price_rules

  • Read_price_rules

  • Write_fulfillments

  • Read_fulfillments

  • Write_content

  • Read_content

  • Write_resource_feedbacks

  • Read_resource_feedbacks

  • Read_customers

  • Read_products

3. Click on Save.

4. Click on Install app.

Step 3. Get the API credentials

To connect your Shopify store with the Recovero platform, you need to provide the following API credentials:

  • Admin API access token

  • API Key

  • API secret key


To protect your data, Shopify allows you to reveal your Admin API token once. Copy and save your Admin API access token in a secure place.

You will find the API credentials on the API Credentials page. The Admin API token is visible after you install the custom-created app.

  1. On the Admin API access token section, click on Reveal token once.

  2. Copy the Admin API token in a secure place.

  3. On the API key and secret key section, copy the API key.

  4. Also, copy the API secret key.

Step 4. Connect Shopify store

The Integration page on your Recovero platform allows you to connect your Shopify store with the Recovero platform.

  1. Log in to your Recovero account.

  2. On the Integration page, click Shopify.

  3. On the Configuration page, provide the API credentials.

  4. Click on Verify.


If verification fails, please check the API credentials again.

Step 5. Get Store script

The Store script allows Recovero to display forms and pop-ups in your Shopify store.

  1. Log in to your Recovero account.

  2. On the Integration page, click Shopify.

  3. From the Shopify details page, copy the Store Script.

Step 6. Add Store script

  1. Log in to your Shopify Admin Panel.

  2. On the Side Navigation, click on Sales channels.

  3. Select Themes settings from the Online Store.

  4. On the Themes page, click on More button beside the Customize button.

  5. Select Edit code from the drop-down.

  6. Now, paste the Store Script from the Recovero platform inside the </head> tag.

  7. Click on Save.

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