What is Double Opt-in?

A double opt-in procedure requires a new subscriber to confirm their subscription before being added to the subscribers list.

When double opt-in is enabled for a Recovero list, new subscribers will get a confirmation message as soon as they subscribe. Subscribers will prompt to confirm their subscription with this message. Only subscribers who verify their subscription will be added to the list successfully.

For SMS, brands should always use double opt-in. Carriers frequently demand it, especially for alerts about abandoned carts.

New subscribers won't be added to a queue for a welcome series until they have used the double opt-in method to confirm their subscription.

Why is Double Opt-in Important?

You have no control over who chooses to use a signup form you have added to your website. It isn't always possible to guarantee subscribers only provide accurate or legitimate phone numbers, even if you add a level of authentication. Spam-bots could also find your form and saturate it with phoney phone numbers, in addition to well-intentioned subscribers typing inaccurate phone numbers.

The double opt-in process helps you grow your list while minimizing abuse and preventing the accumulation of invalid or mistyped phone numbers.

What happens if someone does not confirm their subscription?

Recovero creates a blank profile for a user subscribing to a list using a Recovero signup form on your website but fails to confirm their subscription in the double opt-in message. This indicates that this contact is not added to a list and that their profile only lists the general features of the form and nothing else (such as first name, last name, email address, and phone number).

How to enable Double Opt-in?

To enable double opt-in, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Recovero app > Settings > General Settings.

Step 2: Go to Double Opt-in and Enable it.

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