eCommerce brands can use text marketing campaigns in numerous ways. Some of the most popular ways amongst them are -

  • To send exclusive offers: People love exclusivity. It makes them feel special. You can use campaigns to send exclusive offers like a limited-time promo code or early access to your subscribers. You can also use customers' browsing history to provide discounts on their favorite products.

  • To launch products: Launching new products through campaigns is an effective strategy to get customers' attention and make more conversions. Get them excited, and they'll buy it right away.

  • To send holiday and seasonal offers: Holidays and the beginning of every season are the best time to run offers and send relevant campaigns. People are usually in a joyous mood and are more likely to buy what you pitch.

  • To send BOGO offers: Who doesn't like freebies? We all do. BOGO offers are a great way to clear stocks and generate revenue.

  • To send discounts: Discounts always work. Send them a 10% off to incentivize the deal and witness the magic.

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