The prime reason brands use automation is to send personalized messages to customers on a large scale. Automations make it easy for brands to stay in touch with their targeted customers because once automation is set, the brands don't have to return and send messages repeatedly. Targeted messages will automatically be sent to the targeted audience whenever a trigger is hit. Some ways that brands use Automations are:

  • To Recover Abandoned Cart: With automated SMS reminders, you can customize, plan and automatically send messages for abandoned carts, and browse abandonment. Example of Abandoned cart reminder - "Hi Hannah, products in your carts are selling out! Buy it before it runs out."

  • To Send Shipping Updates: Customers like to be updated at every step of their purchase whenever they go through online purchases. Sending them updates and keeping them informed keeps the customer satisfied. Example of Shipping Updates - Hi there, Hannah! Your KVV Lip Gloss with ID XX22 just shipped and is on the way home. To track status: (Link).

  • To Upsell Products: Customers love to upgrade, and when brands suggest they upgrade or shift to a better product, they feel that brands care about what they're purchasing. And brands benefit from this as it drives in more sales. Example of upselling texts - "Hi Hannah, we know you love Ruby Lip Gloss. Why don't you try the Zeenee Lip Gloss? We bet you'll love it, too! Click here to buy"

  • To Cross Sell Products: Customers tend to feel that the brand is trying to make their life easy. Cross-selling also drives more sales for the brands. Example of cross-selling texts - "Hello Hannah, the pair of jeans in your cart would look better with KV's Shirts. Click here to add to cart."

  • To Welcome Subscribers: Customers create impressions about your business based on how you treat them. A well-crafted and personalized welcome message can go a long way in building healthy relationships with your customers. Example of a Welcome message - Hi Hannah, welcome aboard! We are happy to have you as part of our community. As a welcome gift, use WELCOME to get a 20% discount on your next order!

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