There are many SMS marketing platform on the market today, but not one can match the features and functionality of Recovero. Here are four ways in which Recovero stands out from the rest:

1. Multi-Channel: While most SMS marketing platforms only allow you to send SMS text messages, Recovero also supports WhatsApp text messages. This means that you can reach your customers on their preferred channel, making it more likely that they'll engage with your messages.

2. Robust delivery of messages: Recovero ensures that your messages are delivered quickly and reliably, even to large contact lists. Recovero offers a number of features that other platforms lack, such as message scheduling, sending the right message at the right time, and delivery reports, etc.

3. Built in Compliance: With Recovero, you can rest assured that your messages are compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. Recovero's platform is fully TCPA and CTIA compliant.

4. Excellent Support: Recovero's team of experts are available 24/7 to help you with any questions or issues you may have. Recovero also offers a number of online resources, such as tutorials, FAQs, and a product tour.

If you're running a Shopify eCommerce store, start using Recovero for SMS & WhatsApp marketing and grow your list. Want to know more about Recovero?

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