Text messages are a widely used and preferred method of communication all over the world. And not just for communicating with friends and family, but with brands. Most people want brands to text them and not call them. So, SMS marketing is undoubtedly taking over boring emails and phone calls. Recovero is one of the most successful SMS marketing platforms for growing your business. There are countless reasons why you should use Recovero as your SMS marketing platform, some of them being:

  1. Preferred method of communication: 75% of consumers are OK with brands sending them SMS messages. Additionally, 89% of customers say they would instead communicate with brands via text message than over the phone. Text messages don't bother anyone; it is the best approach for a company to interact with a customer.

  2. High read rate: 98% of messages are read. It does not imply that you are free to send anything at any time. Like any marketing communication channel, sending too many messages frequently may turn off your audience, who will probably choose to opt-out. However, if you follow proper texting protocol, your customers will want to keep getting your messages.

  3. Cost Effective: SMS texting is significantly less expensive than other forms of promotion, including social media, paid advertisements, and even conventional marketing like flyers and letters. Compared to more costly formats, SMS marketing methods are considerably more likely to be read and don't cost much more than the cost of the software.

  4. Fast & Efficient: With SMS marketing, you can instantly put your message in front of your clients. Your messages are sent directly to your clients' phones, so they don't need to go into their email accounts or visit social media platforms at the appropriate moment to get them. They are speedy to produce because they have a small cast and can be distributed to audiences immediately.

    If you're running a Shopify eCommerce store, you can use Recovero for SMS & WhatsApp marketing.

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